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Happy Brew Year!


Happy New Year everyone! We apologise for the radio silence these past couple of weeks, we had a fair bit of festive celebrating to do (and we imagine you did as well), but now we’re back. 2016 heralds our second real month of existing, and it’s already shaping up to look like it’s going to be exciting year.

Before the close of last year, we invited the man behind OG magazine, Mr. Daniel Neilson to come and see what Brewtorial was all about. We’re pleased to say he took us up on our offer, and made the trip over with his cousin Rick to learn the mystic ways of the all grain home brewer. Home brewing is many different things to many different people, but to us it’s an obsession. Our mission is to get the people of Brighton (and eventually, the world) brewing their own delicious concoctions without flaw or impediment, as quickly as possible. So naturally, we were keen for some of this passion to rub off on our guests for the day.

Dan & Dan mash in

And that’s exactly what happened.

Dan & Rick were two of the best brewdents we’ve had the pleasure of taking through the brewing process, and showed a keen interest from the moment we touched down. The recipe we followed was a simple, single hop beer recipe loosely based on the recipe we teach in our Brewtorial classes. It became apparent over the course of the day however, that something a little more exciting was required for a hastily planned follow up drinking session with the guys.

Rick muddles in the boil hops

As the wort was cooled and the original gravity measured, it was decided that the finished product deserved a healthy dose of a medley of our favourite dry hops post fermentation, in order to juice it out a bit more. As great a single hop beer can be, it never hurts to add a little more flare to the proceedings.

With the brew day completed and the beer now safely tucked away to ferment, the conversation turned to the future. A collaborative brew made for the market was something both parties were keen on, but what was perhaps more exciting than that was that Brewtorial and OG Magazine will be hosting #craftbeerhour in March, with a stove top brew session special. We will divulge more information as the time draws closer, but we can say this much: if successful, the stove top recipes will become a staple of OG Magazine’s content for the duration of the year.

Dan clearly struggling with his sanitary gloves

A small feature of our brew day together will be featured in February’s edition of the magazine, where I’m sure it’ll have been done far more justice than we’ve managed here. Keep an eye out for the inevitable follow up to this post, featuring four men sitting around drinking beer they’ve made. In the meantime, keep the brews rolling out the love alive.

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