Impossible Equation

Session Pale

Possessed of a fiendish, self-perpetuating algorithm that appears to alter itself when ever it’s close to being cracked, this beer is in a state of constant flux! In laymen’s terms, that just means we change what we hop it with from batch to batch. Whatever the hop, this beer is intended as a refined and balanced all day easy drinker, an equation that your taste buds will never tire of trying to solve.


Irish Red

In ancient times long since passed, Illuminators were calligraphers who created wondrous illustrations for sacred texts. Perhaps the greatest of these were those of Gaelic origin, whose works are considered masterpieces. This beer is homage to those ancient masters, designed to emulate them both in extravagance and complexity. Illuminator is a slightly sweet malt-led beer, with a red caramel body and subtle hop aromas of autumnal fruits and undertones of earthy spice.